First contact for all enquiries about studying in Koblenz

International Office, University of Applied Sciences Koblenz

Helen Leahey

Tel: 0261 9528285



International Office,University Koblenz

Ines Tobis

Tel: 0261 287-2973



Information on the topics of application and enrolment. Important information about your studies, such as leaves of absence, re-registration for studies, change of name, exmatriculation, change of degree programme and dates and deadlines.


Student Service University of Applied Sciences Koblenz

E-Mail: studserv(

Tel: 0261 9528 500


Student Office University Koblenz


Tel: 0261 287-100 1696


Study selection, change of study and study doubts

Student advisory service University of Applied Sciences Koblenz

E-Mail: studberat(at)

Tel: 0261 9528-969 oder 0261 9528-715


Student advisory service University Koblenz

Tel: 0261 287-1751


Postal address uni assist



uni-assist e.V.

11507 Berlin



As soon as your application has been checked by UNI ASSIST, you will receive an email: first from UNI ASSIST, after a few days from Koblenz University of Applied Sciences or University Koblenz with further information.





Student Union Residences

Housing exchange

Project 'Live and Help'


Catholic student hall of residence

Tel: 0261  942 930 36


Protestant student hall of residence

Tel: 0261 - 9116129

Contact form


Further information on the topic of 'Housing'.


Further advisory services (for example financial aid and problem solving)


General Students' Committee AStA

The AStA is a university-wide institution that is organised, designed and managed by the students themselves. The main task of the AStA is to represent the interests of all students. In addition, the AStA provides a wide range of free advice (housing, finances, work, equality ect.).


 AStA University of Applied Sciences Koblenz


AStA University Koblenz



Koblenz Student Union

Extensive counselling services for all questions and problems related to student life

Homepage Koblenz Student Union


Scholarship advice
Tel: 0261 9528-575


Psychosocial counselling - Koblenz Student Union

Studying can sometimes be quite stressful! But you are not alone, and together with the counselling centres you can find ways to overcome crises and solve problems.


Frank Steffens (University Koblenz) | Certified social worker
Tel: 0261 287-1116

 Beate Bastian (University of Applied Sciences Koblenz; Remagen) | Diploma in Social Pedagogy (FH)
iplom-Sozialpädagogin (FH)
Tel: 0261 9528-543


Andrea Porz University of Applied Sciences Koblenz | Diploma in Social Pedagogy (FH)
iplom-Sozialpädagogin (FH)
Tel: 0261 9528-547




The ESG and KHG offer help, regardless of denomination or religion.

Protestant Student Community Koblenz  – ESG

Tel.: 0261-57365

Pastoral care, events, counselling


Catholic University Community Koblenz  - KHG

Tel.: 0261/36635
E- Mail:

Pastoral care, events, counselling


Leisure activities; meeting people


Buddy Programm - Koblenz University of Applied Sciences; for international / refugee students



General university sports in Koblenz - AHS; University of Applied Sciences and University Koblenz

Tel: 0261 / 287 - 1786




Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation






Police 110


Fire Service and rescue service for life-threatening cases of illness: 112


Medical on-call service in the evening and at weekends 116 117 ((Contact for non-life-threatening patients seeking medical help in the evening, at weekends or on public holidays); online help in finding doctors and psychotherapists)


Poison Information Centre (GIZ) of the federal states Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and Saarland; Clinical Toxicology, University Medical Centre Mainz 0 61 31-19 240


Contacts in Rhineland-Palatinate for other emergencies (telephone counselling, help for children and young people, violence against women, victims of violence and crime) can be found at