Costs of studying

Foreign students must finance their studies in the Federal Republic of Germany themselves. This is mainly done through the financial support of their families and/or through work and jobs during their studies. The Residence Act provides the framework of permitted activities here.


For up-to-date and binding information, please visit these websites:

German Student Union

Studieren in Deutschland

DAAD - Information on part-time jobs



Some scholarships are also open to international students. The scholarship can consist of a smaller single amount or a longer-term payment. Often, it is not only good academic performance that is important, but also voluntary commitment.

 Here you will find an overview of various counselling services and databases.


The University of Koblenz and Koblenz University of Applied Sciences do not have their own scholarship programmes for international students. Enrolled students are regularly informed about short-term scholarships or current funding programmes by their International Office.


The KOALAS project also awards a scholarship. You can find more information here.
Are you experiencing financial difficulties during your studies?
Here are your contacts:
International Office (Koblenz University of Applied Sciences)
Social and Financial Counselling AStA HS Koblenz
Social and Financial Counselling AStA University of Koblenz


The ESG and KHG offer help regardless of denomination or religion.

Koblenz Protestant Student Community - ESG

Tel.: 0261-57365

Pastoral care, events, counselling

Catholic Student Community Koblenz - KHG

Tel.: 0261/36635

Pastoral care, events, counselling